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A new kind of gift box that turns gifting into a game!

A Puzzling Present is like an escape room for your gifts. Add the gift, lock it up and watch them solve puzzles to open the lock.

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What people are saying:

We gave 2 of our grandchildren these fun puzzling presents with their gifts at Christmas. They loved the challenge of being able to solve the puzzles so they could get their gift. The whole family got involved and the kids made it a race to see who would solve the puzzles and open their box first! Lots of fun and educational! Carolyn B - Arkansas

If you are looking for a unique gift experience, these are super fun. My kids did a few for their Easter baskets. It was a great work together experience as well as fun. The anticipation of decoding the lock to get their gift made it all the more exciting. Think escape room for a present. Not overly difficult but not super easy either. - Melody - Texas

What is a Puzzling Present?

Simple and Hassle-Free

No complicated instructions or confusing setup. Just open the box, place your carefully chosen gift inside, lock it up, and present it to your loved one. It's that simple! No need for wrapping paper or bows!

A Gift Box Like No Other

Our lockable gift boxes are not just any ordinary box. They are beautifully decorated puzzles that challenge the recipient to unlock the combination padlock by solving a variety of brain-teasing puzzles.

A gift that engages the mind and sparks joy

Each Puzzling Present is carefully designed with a range of mind-bending challenges that will keep the recipient engaged and entertained.

Never get stuck with our helpful hint cards

We understand that sometimes puzzles can be challenging. That's why every Puzzling Present comes with handy hint cards to provide a gentle nudge in the right direction.

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