We're passionate about puzzles

We are committed to bringing joy, togetherness, and intellectual stimulation to families and friends through the interactive challenge of solving high-quality puzzle boxes.

Any occasion puzzling present gift box decorated with colorful patterns, with a crossword puzzle, sudoku, to-from label and padlock

Meet the Team

Puzzling Presents, LLC was founded by Renee and Brent in August 2023 in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. However, the husband and wife team started working on the idea for their puzzle box business in January after brainstorming ways they could bring the fun of escape rooms to more people.  The first samples were completed in March, and distributed to friends and family as Easter gifts. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with requests for more puzzle boxes to give as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and holidays.

Renee Bordovsky

Renee BordovskyRenee brings diverse skills to the company, including experience in graphic design, website development, and teaching. She combines her technical skills with her artistic abilities and experience working with children to create engaging puzzles. Renee's has loved brain teasers and logic problems for most of her life. While teaching elementary school students she was able to see first hand how puzzles develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Even students that typically performed below grade level loved the challenge of puzzles.

Brent Bordovsky

Brent is an architect and sculptor who brings additional creative perspectives on spatial reasoning and visual problem-solving. Since childhood, Brent has had a knack for creating challenging mazes and puzzles. He adds his architectural eye to the design process to develop visually striking and mentally challenging puzzles.

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