Escape Rooms for Family Fun

Our family loves escape rooms which is why we created Puzzling Presents. We look for escape rooms whenever we are traveling. Sometimes we escape, sometimes we don’t, but we always have fun. Each of us has something we bring to the table. Our 12 year is a whiz at mazes and has a knack for seeing the more obscure things that we miss. My husband is great at reigning in my son and I and making us take a look at a whole room before we dive down a rabbit hole. My son and I both tend to jump right in and in the process miss something important. I’m not sure what my gift is, except maybe being the one that reminds us how much time we have left. We are all very logical and love to work puzzles and brain teasers.

One thing we love about escape rooms is that it makes you think. Each room is different, so when you get in, you have to look at everything and try to figure out what is important and what is just there to distract you. We always start with good intentions of looking at the different types of locks in the room so we can make more sense of the puzzles. I say start with good intentions because it never fails, my son and I get so wrapped up in solving something we forget what type of information we needed – numbers, letters, etc.

This brings me to something else I personally like about escape rooms. It really makes us improve our communication skills. We have learned to voice what we see and what we think is important in these rooms. We are also getting better at listening to each other so that we can work as a team. In the beginning, we would all go off on our own tangents and tune out what the others were doing or saying, but that costs you valuable time in an escape room. So the more rooms you work together, the more you learn how to better communicate. I’m not saying that we don’t get stressed about the time and get frustrated with each other. We are human after all. However, escape rooms are something that brings us together and helps us to recognize each other’s strengths.

If you are ready to give it a try, my recommendation for your first escape room is to check the escape rates and the recommended number of people. The larger the recommended number (not the max allowed,) the more difficult the room may be. If they recommend 4 people, there is usually a reason and it isn’t always based on difficulty. One time we actually had to make a human chain to complete a puzzle. The escape rates will tell you how many groups have “escaped” in the hour allotted. The higher success rates mean the room is easier to solve and perfect for your first time.

If you have been on the fence about trying an escape room with your family, just do it. They don’t actually lock you in the room. They are not all scary. There are good and not so good escape rooms. So if you try one and don’t like it, don’t give up, there may be a better one around the corner. Our favorite escape rooms are the ones that create an immersive environment with the use of props and decor. It is a lot more fun to do an escape room about a science lab if it actually looks like a science lab.

Now go out and find an escape room and give it a try! Even if you don’t escape on your first try, (we didn’t) it is still a lot of fun. And remember it is just a game, so have fun and be kind to each other as you find your individual strengths!

Escape Room in Inidanaoplis area
A successful escape from Runaway Train at Breakout Indianapolis.
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