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What is a Puzzling Present?

A Puzzling Present is a new type of gift box. Instead of using wrapping paper, or a gift bag, you can place your gift inside a Puzzling Present and use the provided padlock to lock the gift inside. The recipient solves puzzles that are on the box to determine the code to unlock the padlock. Puzzle answers either provide a number or a clue to the order of the numbers. Locks can vary between 3 or 4 digit locks. Puzzle types vary by box and may include word search, sudoku, word jumble, symbol math, crossword puzzles, seek and find, find the difference or other types of word puzzles, math puzzles, logic puzzles or picture puzzles.

What age are Puzzling Presents for?

We offer different difficulty levels starting with boxes appropriate for ages 5 years old and to adults. While we sometimes label our boxes with a target age group, the levels are about patience level in addition to ability. People with less patience or a lower attention span would like our easy boxes best. Puzzle enthusiasts or those who love a challenge would enjoy our challenge or extreme boxes.

How do I enter the code on the padlock?

Entering the code is different based on the type of lock. All of our locks should be looked at from an angle where the numbers are facing the correct direction, meaning that the number is not upside down or backward. The types of locks we use will vary. Most of our 4-digit padlocks line up on the edge or spine of the lock, with the code starting at the top and working down. We have a variety of 3-digit lock types. You should see an engraved line in one side of the lock, this is where the numbers need to line up to enter the code.

Can I request a specific color of lock?

You are welcome to email us before ordering to see if we can accommodate your color lock request, but we are not able to guarantee a specific color.

Do I give the hint cards with the gift?

Our intent is to make gift-giving fun and interactive. For this reason, we suggest that you keep the hint cards and instruct them to ask you for hints. This is a great way to get long-distance relatives to call or video chat. : ) The hint cards are written to nudge them in the right direction should they get stuck. We write our hint cards to help, but not give the answer. If you are unable to read the hint cards, you can give the hint cards with the box, just make sure they are not locked inside!

What is included with a Puzzling Present?

Each Puzzling Present is made out of sturdy cardboard mailing boxes. Along with the puzzle gift box, we include brief instructions on how to use the box, a solution card -in case you the giver need to get into the box – a set of hint cards, and a preset padlock.

Are the boxes reusable?

There are 2 answers to this one.

First, the boxes are made from sturdy mailer boxes and make a great lockable keepsake box after they have been given. Being a teacher and parent volunteer at book fairs, I know how popular the lockable journals are. The feedback that we have gotten is that the younger kids love locking up their favorite trinkets in their Puzzling Presents after they open their gifts.

Second, some of our boxes do not require you to write on the box to solve them, so those boxes can easily be regifted. However, a lot of our boxes require you to write on the box to solve it, which makes it difficult to reuse. We do not recommend the use of pencils or erasable pens because the pressure used to write with those leaves indents in the cardboard that can be seen even if erased. However, Pilot and Crayola make erasable markers that are friction erasable. We have tested the Crayola Erasable Poster Markers, and other than them having a wide point they work well on our boxes and erase fairly cleanly. We have also tested the Pilot Frixon Colors line of erasable markers and they work really well. They have a finer point and erase easily and fairly cleanly. We have only found these markers sold as a set, not individual markers. We tested other types of erasable markers, some removed the ink but also removed some of the finish on the box as well so the two types listed above are our recommendation. We have not included affiliate links for the markers. We also do not guarantee that erasable markers will not damage the surface of the box.

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