Puzzle Gift Boxes for Any Occasion

Our any occasion puzzle gift boxes are a great gift for puzzle lovers. Our gift boxes are a fun alternative to gift wrap and gift bags. The gift box itself is part of the present giving them a game to solve rather than just ripping open the paper. Our puzzle gift boxes work for any holiday like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or to celebrate any event. It is even a great best friend gift. Just fill the puzzle gift box with a special gift, or a gift card surrounded by their favorite treats. We make it simple by providing a fun, colorful game box. No wrapping skills needed. Simply add the gift, lock it with the provided lock and keep the hint cards handy. Then sit back and watch them have the thrill of solving a mini escape room to get their gift.

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  • Any occasion puzzling present gift box decorated with colorful patterns, with a crossword puzzle, to-from label, hint cards, solution card, and padlock
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    Any Occasion Puzzle Gift Box

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    Introducing our Any Occasion Puzzle Gift Box, the ultimate treat for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Packed with a variety of engaging challenges like a crossword puzzle, sudoku, word search, and a letterbox word puzzle, this vibrant gift box is a fun choice for a gift for moms, dads, grandparents, or anyone who loves a good mental workout. With colorful patterns and hint cards included, it’s the ideal way to celebrate any special occasion or simply show someone you care.

  • racing themed puzzle gift box with logic grid puzzle, hint cards, instructions and padlock
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    Challenge Level Racing Gift Box

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    Our race car themed puzzle gift box turns gifting into an exhilarating game. So get ready to give a Puzzling Present that will leave them revved up and ready for more!

    Around the box, you’ll find an exciting array of brain-teasers, including a word search, sudoku, and logic problem – all revved up with racing and race car themes. The vibrant graphics will transport them to the heart of the track, making every puzzle-solving moment a joyride.

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