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  • racing themed puzzle gift box with logic grid puzzle, hint cards, instructions and padlock
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    Challenge Level Racing Gift Box

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    Our race car themed puzzle gift box turns gifting into an exhilarating game. So get ready to give a Puzzling Present that will leave them revved up and ready for more!

    Around the box, you’ll find an exciting array of brain-teasers, including a word search, sudoku, and logic problem – all revved up with racing and race car themes. The vibrant graphics will transport them to the heart of the track, making every puzzle-solving moment a joyride.

  • Challenge level Easter puzzle gift box with picture pattern puzzle, Easter eggs, hint cards, and a padlock
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    Challenge Easter Puzzle Gift Box

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    Get ready to give the ultimate brain teaser challenge this Easter with our Challenge Level Easter Puzzle Gift Box! Packed with vibrant, Easter-themed designs, this puzzle gift box is not for the faint-hearted. It’s our most difficult Easter box.  This box will keep their wheels spinning for a while.

    Inside, you’ll find everything you need to turn gift giving into a game. We’ve included hint cards to give them a nudge in the right direction, a preset combination lock that adds an extra layer of excitement with a hands-on experience, and of course, clear instructions to get you, the gift giver started. Oh, and don’t worry if you accidentally lock the box early – we’ve got you covered with a solution card.

  • Medium Level Christmas Puzzle Gift Box
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    Christmas Box – 15+ minute solve

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    Our medium level Christmas box features fun and colorful Christmas and winter-themed graphics. It is perfect for those who love a good brain teaser. We’ve made it easy for you and challenging for them. The box is 9 in x 7 in x 4 in. It comes with a preset combination lock. Lock style and color will vary but will coordinate with the color of the box. Also included is a solution card – in case you need to get back into the box before gifting. We know that some puzzles are more challenging so we provide multiple hint cards to help the recipient should they get stuck. The hint cards are more fun if you hang on to them and act as the “game master.” Just tell them to reach out for a hint if they get stuck.

    Around the box, they will find a variety of brain teasing puzzles including:

    • word jumble
    • word search
    • sudoku
    • picture puzzle

    Please allow 1-2 business days for us to get your order packed and ready to ship.

  • Medium Level Birthday Puzzle Box
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    Birthday Puzzle Gift Box

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    This colorful 9 x 7 x 4 inch gift box is decorated with fun birthday theme graphics. The recipient will solve sudoku, symbol math, word search, and a picture puzzle to crack the code for the padlock. Each box comes with a preset padlock, a solution card (to be kept by the gift giver,) and a pack of hint cards. Simply place your gift inside the box, attach the padlock, spin the dials to all zeros, and hand it over. Watch as they work through the puzzles. If they get stuck, offer up a hint. This box will take 15-30 minutes to solve depending on the person.

    Lock style and color will vary but will coordinate with the box colors.

    Please allow 1-2 business days for us to assemble and pack up your order for shipping.

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