Challenge Level Racing Gift Box

Challenge Level Racing Gift Box

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Our race car themed puzzle gift box turns gifting into an exhilarating game. So get ready to give a Puzzling Present that will leave them revved up and ready for more!

Around the box, you’ll find an exciting array of brain-teasers, including a word search, sudoku, and logic problem – all revved up with racing and race car themes. The vibrant graphics will transport them to the heart of the track, making every puzzle-solving moment a joyride.

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Rev your engines and get ready for a puzzling adventure with our Race Car themed puzzle gift box! This isn’t your ordinary gift box – it’s a thrilling challenge that will put their mind to the test.

Our Race Car themed puzzle gift box is a great choice for racing fans and puzzle enthusiasts. This box is designed to bring joy and challenge to any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or just a thoughtful surprise, this unique present will make gifting feel like a thrilling game.

So buckle up and get ready for hours of puzzling fun! Grab our Race Car themed puzzle gift box today and turn any event into an unforgettable adventure. Since this is not a quick solve box we recommend it for ages 12 and up.

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to assemble and ship your box. Lock color and style may vary.


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3 digit

1 review for Challenge Level Racing Gift Box

  1. Wendy Fitzmaurice

    My son received this box last year for his birthday. It was amusing and exciting to go through all the puzzles to find the correct numbers and the correct order of the numbers to open the box. I liked that we can get clues or hints to solve it, like in a real scape room.

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