Medium Level Easter Gift Box

Medium Level Easter Gift Box

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Designed for ages 8 and up, this Easter gift box is like a self-contained Easter scavenger hunt! I designed this box because my son loves Easter scavenger hunts. This box is a little different from our other puzzle gift boxes. It is one big linked puzzle. All the puzzles on the box work together. From the hidden pull-out card on the side, to the egg hunt on the top, there is lots to discover on this gift box. They will need to look at all the sides, the top and the front to solve this mystery.

Unlock the joy and get ready to create unforgettable memories that’ll leave them craving more!

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This Easter gift box has an extra special surprise! A hidden pull-out tab reveals stickers and an egg count card for an on-box Easter egg hunt. It’s more than a gift box, it is a fun Easter game!

Using the cute spring stickers and a clever codex, your recipient will embark on a fun mission to decode a hidden message. Clues are cleverly concealed around the box, like going on an Easter scavenger hunt. This box is like one self-contained scavenger hunt. All the sides, the top, and the front work together to provide all the clues needed to solve the code and unlock the 3-digit padlock to receive their gift.

Once they’ve cracked the code and unlocked their gift, our versatile box becomes a treasure chest for their favorite keepsakes.

As with all our boxes, we include a preset padlock, instructions for the gift giver, hints for the gift recipient, and a solution card just in case you get too excited and lock the box too soon. We set a recommended age to help you choose the right level of box. Our recommendations are a guide. Puzzle lovers younger than 8 could solve the box, but they may need more hints or take longer. This box can also be a fun choice for adults as well. The older they are, or the more puzzle-savvy they are, the faster they might solve the box. Our hint cards are designed to help keep the search fun and reduce frustration.

Recommended for ages 8 and up because they will need to be able to read a coded message.

Lock color and style may vary. Box dimensions are 9 in x 7 in x 4 in. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to assemble and ship your box.

If you still have questions, check our FAQs, or if the answer isn’t there, email us at and we will answer your questions during business hours.


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3 digit

1 review for Medium Level Easter Gift Box

  1. Melody

    My son had a blast figuring out the clues to open his Easter basket treats! The box was not easy but not super hard. It was a good challenge for my 9yo. He even asked for us to do it again!
    The graphics are very beautiful. Hints helpful if you get stuck. The boxes were also very sturdy. High quality materials.

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